Wyverns in the Wilds

First Session

Wild Village

Sent out by Aingeru to a village to investigate reports of wildlings. Upon entering the village, the group was set upon by a small group of five bandits, speaking celtic and obviously uncivilized. Without casualty but barely, the group discovered the piled up bodies of the villagers. The partnered group, headed by Ser Orfrey was discovered to be ‘resting’ and drunk outside of the village. [130 xp]


Reporting the incident to the company sergeant, the group prepared to move with the camp toward the lands the company were commissioned to protect.

Upon initial signs of a larger force of enemies, the party was again sent out as a forward scouting party to discover the composition of the forces. Discovering a large number of goblins, the party skirmished with a minor demon and two goblins. [140xp]


On the imp, the party discovers eight potions, determined to be potions of healing. The goblins carried 40 coppers between them.


Lansatac RichardTran

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