Friar Magnus Criamon

The Mage of Passion, Friar of House Bonisagus


Friar Magnus, Mage of the Passion

Level 1 110/250 Mage Alignment Lawful Good
Background Sage Personality Astute, Crusader, Grandiose
Proficiency Bonus +1
Armor None
Weapons Daggers, darts, slings, quarterstaffs, and light crossbows.
Tools None
Saving Throws Intelligence, Wisdom
Skills Religion, Arcana, History, Search
Languages Common, French, Latin, Greek


Strength 9
Dexterity 11
Constitution 13
Intelligence 17
Wisdom 15
Charisma 14
Armor Class 10
Hitpoints 7




(Save DC: 12)


Minor Illusion (Illumination of the Mundane Airs)

Towers of Ivory and Horn,
A weave of Species,
Form on my structure,

Ray of Frost (Stroke of St. Tremere’s Judgement)
[Attack: +4, 1d8 cold damage, -10 ft for 1-round]

Three is the beginning,
Twelve of the council,
Your sin I call the advance.


Milk and honey.
Lay and fey.
Bitter king. Saintly pope.


Alarm (Call the Saint’s Watchful Gaze)

The light of my mind,
of protection and comfort,
cast upon the lord’s grounds.

Magic Missile (St. Flambeau’s Unerring Blade)

Three magi on a hill,
Truth and bitter bark,
Bury thy named foe.

Sleep (The Call to Slumber)

Amber Lyre,
Yoke and down,
A shade beckons the heavy lid.

Protection from Evil (Ward against Sin and Devils)

My breath is purified,
I surround myself with a golden shield,
May my space is protected.


Robes, travel robes, relic staff [St. Flambeau’s fingerbone], spellbook, adventurer’s kit [backpack, healer’s kit (9/10 uses), mess kit, tinderbox, ten torches, ten days of rations, and a waterskin. A 50-feet rope of hemp is strapped to the pack], red scapular, black scapular, ten candles, abacus, consecration kit, tome of spiritual teachings, ink, ink pen, ten sheets paper, chalk, hourglass, sealing wax, signet ring, three vials, two sacks, 63 gp, 11 sp, and 6 cp.


Friar Magnus comes from the order of St. Trianoma, a mendicant order that contemplates on the mystical quality of God’s power on the world. While the order seeks to explore the world and expand its knowledge of God’s earth, they are also an advocacy group for magic of the sun, dispelling superstition and rooting out pagan practices.

Friar Magnus has joined the Iron Goblins only recently at request of Argiaren Aingeru to shore up the group’s legitimacy and gain access to the resources of the Bonisagus order. Since joining, Friar Magnus has begun the slow process of gleaning information about the various mages of the company and testing for corruption.

While prone to zeal and hubris, Magnus can be very astute when it comes with dealing with secretive figures, disarming them with his intelligence. In hostile situations, he can be somewhat reckless, believing that his faith and power will overcome the enemy. He is willing to make sacrifices to defeat evil and glorifies martyrdom.

Friar Magnus Criamon

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