Charlotte Hauville

Noble Paladin


AC 16 (10 w/o armor)

Str 15
Dex 10
Con 17
Int 10
Wis 13
Cha 14

13 HP
1d10 hit die

Great sword: +3 to attack
2d6+2 slashing damage
Dagger: +3 to attack
1d4+2 piercing damage

+0 initiative

Charlotte is human, lawful good; 5’5", blonde-brown hair and green eyes, 130 lbs. Speaks English, French, Greek. Has three retainers, a messenger and two squires. Wears chain mail.


Born to a noble family, Charlotte has always had it good – but never good enough. She is the eldest child, but as a daughter, was always passed over for praise, recognition, and opportunity in favor of her two younger brothers. She watched them secure lofty positions as squires, and then knights, with skills no better than her own. Resentment brewed inside her as the only recognition she was expected to receive was a handful of marriage proposals from rich, older gentlemen she had never met.

Since she was a child, Charlotte resolved to be objectively better than her brothers in every way – better educated, better at sparring, better in character, more pious, and more courageous and resolved. Thanks to her self-discipline and single-mindedness, she was able to convince a mercenary group – albeit a shifty, nameless one – to take her on, and left home to join the Iron Goblins. She wishes to prove herself more than she has any particular quest; however, she is internally driven to do what is good, right, and (of course) lawful.

Charlotte Hauville

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